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  • Alex Wigan

    Amateur photographer, shooting mainly landscape and abstract, around the Australian coastline.
  • Amy Zhang

  • Anonymous

    A collection of anonymous designers.
  • Apple

  • Ben D

  • Ben Schlitter

    Ben Schlitter is an award winning designer and illustrator with extensive experience in conceptual design, illustration, typography, print, package, icon, interactive and motion design. He runs the great Studiobenben design studio containing a lot of cool wallpapers to download.
  • Blake J. Nolan

    Blake J. Nolan was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and later studied photography and film at the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduating, he spent nearly 3 years traveling the globe, visiting and living in over 40 countries in that time. Blake has earned recognition and re...
  • Bobby Chiu

    Bobby Chiu is one of the founders of Imaginism Studios. Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera founded it on March 9, 2005 and are a Toronto-based studio specializing in pre-production character and concept design for film, TV, gaming, and publishing. They also make lots of their own art, do their own ...
  • Bram Sels

    I was born in Belgium in 1986 and pretty soon it was apparent that I was destined to do something creative. I took some art classes after school, got accepted into St. Lucas in 2004 and graduated there in 2008 as Master in Arts and Advertising. I did an intern as an art director in advertising bu...
  • Brendon Strowe

  • Chris Cologne

  • David Lanham

    I've always had a fascination with the contrasts of nature and technology. With an active imagination, it's let me to love both traditional and digital arts. I had the luck of learning from some amazing teachers growing up and followed it through college where I studied drawing and design at the ...
  • Digital Arts

  • Dominic Kamp

    I’m Dominic and I’m from Germany. I grew up in Germany, Switzerland and the UK and am currently working within the finance industry in Zurich, Switzerland. I discovered my passion for photography when browsing platforms like Flickr, Picasa or Interfacelift. In summer 2007 I bought my very first D...
  • Dopamin

  • Eli E Pedro

  • Emmanuel Larussi

  • Eremenkov Dmitriy

  • Flemming Rasmussen

  • Florin C

  • Giovanni Di Gregorio

  • Hannah

  • Heiko Klug

    His first contact with art was graffiti, almost 10 years ago. In the beginning of 2004 he discovers the digital medium and started to publish his works in the world wide web. At the moment Heiko is working as a digital media designer in an advertising agency in cologne. In the past he worke...
  • Jaziel Valladares

  • JD Hancock

  • John Kutcher

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  • Julia Caesar

  • Julia Caesar

  • Justin Maller

    Justin Maller is an Australian freelance illustrator and art director based in Brooklyn, NY. He has been creating digital art for over fifteen years, and has been a full time freelance artist for the last eight. Justin has had the pleasure of producing illustrations and concept art for a diver...
  • Kamil Lehmann

  • Kobhen

  • Konstantin Gassmann

  • Laura Pena

    I am a storyteller, entrepreneur, creative producer, motion designer, animator, and speaker. ★ I am the founder of JelloMonsters, a creative design lab in New York City focused on storytelling through motion graphics, design and technology. With over 14 years of experience across the creati...
  • Liza Domingues

  • Lucas Jungmann

    Year shooting: 18 months First SLR Gear: Nikon D5000 and kit lens Photographic education: Self taught Scholastic Education: University of British Columbia, school of engineering. Favorite Type of photography: Sport/Landscape Skill most interested in improving: Portrait/studio Work ...
  • Luis Llerena

  • Mach2moo

  • Mando Gomez

    My name is Mando Gomez and I live in Southern California. A professional bum since 2000. I’ve been making desktops and taking photos for a long time and got the vision to create new wonders but lack the dough to implement them. For starters: 360° desktops with a large format camera and one of the...
  • Marco Bauriedel

    Born in 1982 in Germany, after starting out digitally in Deluxe Paint on an Amiga at the age of 12, I waited to discover my passion for art until turning 21. From then on, various fields of Digital Art were parts of my studies, covering CGI, animation, digital painting, compositing and programmin...
  • Mateusz Terczewski

  • Maxime Staudenmann
  • Maximillian

  • Microbot

  • Mikael Kristenson

    Creative Director from Hägersten, Sweden.
  • Modestas Urbonas

  • Narciso Arellano Medina

    Narciso is a Interactive Art Director currently employed at Wunderman, Dubai.
  • Nicole Bauer

    Hi, I’m Nicole and I’m a 28 year old GUI Designer, located in Pirmasens (Germany). Since 2007 I work for CAS, the leading provider of customer management and mobility solutions for the consumer products industry where I’m the only one with Photoshop in Autostart :), so I’m doing a lot of diff...
  • Noam

  • Padurariu Alexandru

  • Paulo Barcellos Jr

  • Pete Harrison

    I have been freelance designing under my Alias 'Aeiko' for over 11 years now. I developed the alias 'aeiko' back in around 2005. It is pronounced Eye-Ko and I have been freelancing and using it as my online identity ever since.
  • Pete Joison

  • Philippe Clairo

    Born in France, and now Canadian citizen. Likes to capture landscapes at the moment you stop and say "wow, I wish I could take a photo". Flickr: Twitter: @PhipPhoto
  • Pixelfly

  • Raycast

    Your desktop has never looked this good.
  • Richard Mohler

  • Rolan Gonzalez

  • Sciencewerk

  • Sebastien Gabriel

  • Sébastien Marchand

    See more: * website: * facebook:ébastien-Marchand-218699488167854/ * twitter: * instagram: * unsplash:
  • Shifted Reality

  • Spargett

  • Stanley Dai

  • Wade Burrell

  • Wallcoo

    Primarily does illustrations type of wallpapers
  • Yang Xueguo

  • Zsoldos Szabolcs

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