Heiko Klug

His first contact with art was graffiti, almost 10 years ago. In the beginning of 2004
he discovers the digital medium and started to publish his works in the world wide web.
At the moment Heiko is working as a digital media designer in an advertising agency in cologne.

In the past he worked for clients like: Ecko Unltd, Doritos, The Marketing Arm, Cisowianka,
Ars Thanea, Falkmedia, Taste!, Labbo.

He also publish his work in special interest magazines like: Advanced Photoshop, Digital Photo Photoshop, Foto Praxis.

He is also still available for freelance work.

Visit designers web site at http://www.jesar-one.com/


Currently we have collected an amazing set of wallpapers from Heiko Klug. If you would like even more wallpapers added, please let us know and we will try to find out.

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